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Should I do 2nd DV

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I DV'd a CA that I settled with in the beginning of the year ( have a letter to prove it). They started trying to collect on unpaid balance in Nov and posted to EX. I DV'd them (cmrr) and disputed with CRA (along with other TL's) last week the CA changed from a balance owed to settled for less than full payment - they never sent me any validation, but it is now showing as a positive TL on EX, is not reporting to EQ or TU.

Should I send another DV or leave it be since it is positive?


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The letter I rec'd states:

" pls. be advised that this office has rec'd final payment in the amount of xxx. Accordingly, this account has been settled to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

Although our office is not a CRA, to have your CR appropriately reflect the status of the account, you may forward this letter ( along with cover letter and personal id) to the following CRA's"

Dated 1/17/05

Thanks gentlemen

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