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Need expert help/opinions re EX disputes: cancel or not?


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I have gone through several rounds of disputes with EX lately, and am probably now flagged.

Anyway, I noticed two of my IIBs, MBNA and Cap One, were showing "Date of Status" as AFTER my BK was filed, and both also conveniently showed incorrect dates for my BK. I disputed.

Today I phoned EX to ask them to explain what "Date of Status" actually means--DOLA? They already have a "Date Last Reported," so it can't be that. They don't have a DOLA section.

The rep (yes, a native-born American, Grim!!! LOL) tried to explain, and her explanation sounded like "Date of Status" is date of first major delinquency. I said fine, then it's not possible that DOS could be AFTER an account went into BK... which you can see was in 2000. These two accounts say DOS 2001, and both list my BK in 2001.

She asked about the rest of the accounts in the adverse section and I said--TWICE--that all the other accounts are listed correctly. Just these two are wrong. She then asked how I would like the receive the results, and I said by mail.

I go to my report just now and it shows EVERY SINGLE IIB ACCOUNT in dispute. Some of these accounts were already very recently disputed, and I risk being totally frivolous-ized now. What should I do? Leave it as is and hope some get deleted by non-response? Or call and say the rep misunderstood my request, and dispute just the two incorrect dates? PS: This is my FOURTH round of disputes since October.

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