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URSI calling for brother who doesn't live with me anymore


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United Recovery Systems calls 2-3 times a day. I have Privacy Manager on my phone because I went through this a year ago, and wanted to stop the majority of calls.

This company calls like clockwork, betweem 8-9 in the morning and 6-8 in the evening with the occasional noon call. I have received over 30 calls from them in the past 2 weeks alone. Occasionally I pick up the phone and explain to them that he does not live here, and hasn't lived here in over 3 years, but they don't care. They tell me they will continue to call until I give them a number where they can reach him.

Other than changing my number, which I am close to doing, how can I get these people to stop bothering me. The only plus side, is that it is an extra alarm clock in the morning.



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You understand you can sue them for FDCPA violation.... they are harrassing YOU over your brothers debt.

Get a recorder, tape the conversations, get them to TELL YOU about your brothers debt, ask if you have to pay them to make them stop calling, etc. Get it all on tape. Always tell them "it is inconvenient for them to call you anywhere anytime" which ties in with FDCPA statue.

Then get them to tell you name+location, say you'll forward info to your brother.... when they open the mail its your Federal Civil Suit against them.

Free money, your's for the taking.

Ask them to call ME to track down your brother, I would love some free $.


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Do as Divemedic advised. Send them the letter CMRR and clearly explain the laws that apply. Make it quite clear all calls are being noted for reference, and any conversations or messages will also be noted. Check to see if your state is one or two party regarding recording. If two party, let your machine answer each call first. If single party, go to Radio Shack and buy one. They are maybe $25.

Do note, that in 804(3), it is legal for them to continue calling you if they feel you have the information they want and have not been honest about their requests, or they have reason to believe you have the correct information. But, sometimes, sending the letters do cause them to stop as even they will realize that 3 times a day is a little too much.

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