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Reporting Good Car Pymt History After BK

bianca 22

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I have a Lease with VW Credit that began in July 2002. I filed for Chapter 7 BK on May 31, 2005 and the debt was subsequently discharged on September 12, 2005. VW Credit was listed as a Creditor in the BK docs, however, I have consistently made on-time payments since the BK in order to keep the vehicle. The Lease was never reaffirmed though.

I’ve just obtained my CRs from all 3 bureaus and found that VW Credit reports my good payment history up until my BK filing month of May 2005, after that nothing is reported.

I understand that the Creditors are not legally obligated to report my history, but I was wondering what the best option for getting this positive history reported is? Writing to VW Credit and just asking them to report the history? I have all payment dates and confirmation numbers from “VW Credit pay by phone.”

The VW Credit customer service person told me that my payment history since the BK will not be reported because the payments are now voluntary.

If this issue has already been discussed, could someone direct me to the right thread?

Thank you!!!

Bianca 22

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It really doesn't matter at this point. You filed BK, included VW and did NOT reaffirm. That means the debt was discharged along with your other debts. VW has written off the account as a loss, any money you send them just goes down as recovery - and you get to keep the car as long as you pay.

I seriously doubt any amount of begging, pleading or bargaining will get them to report your payments as a positive.

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