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Which CRA does a CC pull from?

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My husband and I are in the process of rebuiding our credit post-bankruptcy. We have all 3 scores from each CRA, and, of course, they vary (anywhere from 557-610). Needless to say, we have zeroed in on the CRA that we each have the highest score with (Me--TransUnion, My Husband--Equifax). How do we know which CRA a credit card pulls from before applying? Is there even a way to find out?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you. I will try that now. The main reason I am curious about this information is that if we do apply for something to begin rebuilding our credit, we would want to have an idea ahead of time which companies check which CRA and save ourselves inquiries as well as grief of getting denied! Ack!:)

Thanks Again:)

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