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T.A.M. Inc???


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Anyone have any info or insight on Talbert Adams and Moore? Called DW few days ago, trying to collect on a debt from 98, for apt complex. Told rep had no knowledge of debt and to send something in writing, rep said only if you agree to pay. They are a JDB. Previous CA could not val and removed from CR. Since initial contact 2 calls a day. Still waiting for Dunn, plan DV manana. Never heard of these jokers. Thanks

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Most definitely! Get their address from Whitepages and send them the C&D today.

Be sure and include the main points of the conversations on the phone so they have full knowledge of what was said and that it was illegal. Remember, dates, times, names, and what was said, such as, if you pay, we will send proof. This is a violation in itself. Most often, when confronted like this, a JDB goes away. That is why you will also say that they must repsond, in writing, within 10 days from reciept of your letter, sent CMRR, that they have closed account, deleted all TL's, and will not sell, transfer, or reassign to anyone. In many cases, they won't respond and you will be able to get the TL deleted by disputing with the CRA, if they don't do it first.

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I thought it was 3 accross the board, but found this on http://fair-debt-collection.com/

North Carolina Statute of Limitation

Express or implied contract, not under seal: 3 years.

Contract and sale of personal property under seal: 10 years.

Open account: 3 years, NOTE: Each payment renews the SoL on all items purchased within the 3 years prior that payment. If no payment is made, the SoL runs from date of each individual charge. Contracts: From date of breach or default, unless waived or performance under the contract is continued.

Judgments: 10 years

Partial payment BEFORE the SoL expires renews the SoL from date of payment.

Payment AFTER SoL expires renews SoL ONLY if, at time of payment, circumstances infer the debtor recognized obligation to pay. Partial payment on open account restarts SoL on purchases made within 3 years of payment date, if acknowledgment can be inferred, starts the statute anew as to the full obligation acknowledged, even if all of the charges were not made within the last three years.NC Continued...

Partial payment by one debtor does not renew the statute of limitations as against any a co-debtor unless that co-debtor agreed to, authorized or ratified the partial payment.

Partial payments DO NOT affect the ten-year limitation on enforcing or renewing judgments.

Apt contract would fall under? She thinks she was mo to mo.

When she spoke to them on the phone (initial contact) Dec 15 she told them she had no knowledge of the debt and to send something in writing. Still today no Dunn letter and they call avg of 3 times a day. They received DV on 12-27, called 3 tmes today!

Your thoughts and advice appreciated!

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