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Ah ... looks like a company that services those who are not quite large enough portfolio to justify directly reporting the the Big 3 (4?)

Looks like they are in violation of FACTA also. They don't seem to offer a free annual credit report. Kristy [are you listening?] can you confirm that ALL CRA's must offer a free annual CR or just the "Big 3" ?

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Check this out:

*Allcreditdata does not and will not disclose the personal information you provide to us in connection with this service to any third parties for any purpose unless required by law or for internal audit purposes.


We will provide collections agencies and creditors the skip tracing tools they need to locate their debtors Get an automatic notification within 36 hours when new activity is reported to allcreditdata on accounts you’ve flagged for skip tracing. Skip services offers monitoring services to fit your needs. Or you can reach individuals who may have changed their names,or moved in with friends or moved without a forwarding address with our skip services. You can search by Social Security number to get the latest consumer information from allcreditdata national database.

The best part about our services when you become a subscriber and report 2000 plus accounts to allcreditdata we will provide skip tracing services at no cost to the subscriber. Your debtor can run but can not hide.

*How We Use and Share Your Personal Information* When you provide information, through the Site, we may use it for our credit reporting business and for the intended purpose, to provide consumer's with access to their Personal Credit Report and other credit management products. We may use information you provide to update our consumer credit database. However, access to information on this database is limited to companies (1) with a permissible purpose to receive it, as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act; (2) for fraud prevention; and (3) who process or sell data on our behalf.

The address looks like they're in a strip mall. Nothing comes up under a Nevada Business Entity Search through their SOS.

Who lives in Vegas that wants to make a run by this place and report back?

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