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Hello, I have been following the advice from this board for over a year now, and I am doing well. I got many TL's off my report, was approved for a car loan, refinanced car loan and now 2 CC's. Woohoo. Thanks.

Heres my question though. I have a TL that went bad and I was bullied into paying (before I found this site, of course), now I have it on my report as paid, and it has all theese lates and notes of paid after charge off collections. Every time I DV this TL it doesnt work.

Should I DV the OC, what would I say? I already paid them. How can I get this off my report. I paid in August of 2002. Thanks.

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This is from an OC. And im sorry, i messed up, Every time I dispute with the CRA's it doesnt work, I have yet to DV them.

DV is only for collection agencies... Not for CRA's either...

As for disputing with the CRA's not working, welcome to credit repair. You are lucky when things work the first or second time but more often than not, you are looking at six months or a year before the peskiest items get removed.

And the worst thing you can do is either give up or slow down. The moment one round of disputes is completely finished, then start the next one. As for disputing, you have to try every angle from wrong dates, to wrong amounts, etc.

Also, send certified letters to the OC requesting information about the trade line. Although you cannot use DV, there is nothing to stop you from asking the OC about the accuracy of the information. Like, you can tell them that this is the wrong amount, etc. The whole point there is that more than likely, the OC is going to blow you off or that they will mail you a stupid response. Either way, it works in your favor.

If they don't respond, you can use the green cards and send copies of them to the CRAs explaining that this creditor refuses to respond to legitimate questions regarding a trade line.

And if the OC does send you a stupid response, again send a copy of that to the OC explaining that this creditor doesn't know what they are doing, etc....

I have tried both avenues before and both have worked for me...

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Great I think I will go the Green Receipt way and mail them to the CRA. Are there any sample letters that would work for this.

Should I CMRR the CRA's?

I wouldn't worry about the CRAs although other people do. I have sent them hundreds of letters and they opened each one up and responded (even with a "we are not going to investigate").

And keep bugging the OC consistently. Every 30 days... Call them up and find the right address to send it to...

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