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Trying to decipher CR for DOLA

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I recently found out CACV of CO purchased some old credit card debt and have filed suit (although I have not been served or received a summon) by Houston's finest Sam Streeter (713)782-2700.

My question is twofold I found out because of an advertisement by a mediation company offering to represent me. So I have not been served and wouldn't even know about it if this 3rd party had contacted me. Should I DV it and send it to CACV? Also looking at my credit report (Experian) I was trying to find the date of last activity, but couldn't so I thought i'd post the account history section and see if someone could confirm if it's past the SOL. Would my DOLA be October of 2001? (Texas SOL 4 years).

Account History:

Charge Off as of Aug 2004, Jul 2004, Jun 2004, May 2004, Apr 2004, Mar 2004, Feb 2004, Jan 2004, Dec 2003, Nov 2003, Oct 2003, Sep 2003, Aug 2003, Jul 2003, Jun 2003, May 2003, Apr 2003, Mar 2003, Jan 2003, Dec 2002, Oct 2002, Sep 2002, Aug 2002, Jul 2002, Jun 2002

150 days as of May 2002, Apr 2002

120 days as of Mar 2002

90 days as of Feb 2002, Jan 2002

60 days as of Dec 2001

30 days as of Nov 2001

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The last day of November 2005 is the 4 year mark. As of then, it is out of Texas SOL. If they filed before that date, then you are SOL. You might be able to argue the SOL in court and hope that they don't catch the date they filed the suit.

Send them a DV letter. I have heard that once a suit has been filed, you can't ask for validation therefore you must ask judge for discovery of the debt. I could be wrong on that one though.

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