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Equifax CSC is about to get the full wrath of the GrimRepo. I have disputed the validity of a debt that CBC Collections claims I owe. I have disputed this with CBC and they NEVER responded. Therefore not validating the debt. This debt in reality was paid to the OC and should have never been sent to collections but a paperwork snafu and even the OC can't straighten it out.

Today after I sent CSC an ITS during CHOD, I got a letter back saying "CBC Collections verified the account"

So they are continuing collections by reporting it, but not validating. It's LAWSUIT TIME!!!!

Ok now I need some assistance from my fellow CIC'ers. Methuss, RA ... Who do I sue? CSC? CBC Collections? Both?

Which FCRA and FDCPA chapters and verses do I have them on that I can quote to collect my $1000?

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