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Just a little motivation...


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Never give up working on your scores! Sooner or later, you'll get what you want! Check out this graphic from myFICO scorewatch (based on Equifax - it shows my progress over the last 6 months using info from this board)...Due to "bumpage", it's still climbing every day... :D

A big "Thank You" to this board.... :nannersplit:


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wow! That is very motivating! Can you tell us a little about how you made such progress? What was easy, what was difficult to correct?

Gr ::travolta:: eat Job!

Thank You, folks!

Well, how did I do it? I was very patient and kept on "drilling" on the nerves of the guys who "disturbed my credit-file"...

-My cards were maxed out - so I paid them off (only one account shows a small balance).

- I had one paid collection with NCO and a Chargeoff ($17K) with Amex on file. I contacted Amex and told them that it wasn't my account and they should provide me with proof - the account went in charge-off 3 years ago so they had no info on file - they deleted the account after 2 weeks... :lol: NCO was though, but after I gave them my attorney's contact-info, they decided to stay out of trouble since I already paid and removed the collection....So if you keep on insisting on having some items deleted and don't stop calling/sending letters, they will give up sooner or later, especially if they don't have any documentation left (and have to take the risk that they MIGHT have violated the law at some point..).. 8-)

Good luck to everybody! :D

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Great job!!! Just one question: what good stuff have you added to your file to get up into the 700s? Do you have a mortgage?

I currently have a mortgage, but the funny thing is that countrywide approved me for this mortgage with my FICO still beeing below 600.

BTW, I added NO new accounts to my file to get this score - I simply paid off the old ones and kept them open. My mortgage-account doesn't even appear on my credit-reports yet..... :lol:

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I have amex charge-off from back in 6 yrs ago

Everytime I disputed it comes back as verified.

Can you tell us more details with amex ?

was it phone or letter ?

Would it be possible to show sample letter?

That was a funny story - my dispute somehow ended up in their fraud-department and they thought my card was stolen that time. They told me they wouldn't have any remaining files.... 8-) So a stolen card and 2 years did the job! (I don't urge anybody to give false information about a lost credit card, but if companies "somehow" get this info, your score can go up... I was very lucky in this case).

Well, your charge-off is already 6 years old so you will get rid off it in a year or so automatically...

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