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Writ of Garnishment - Now What?


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So, if anybody remembers my post from before - my bank screwed up - the debt was mine, not fiance's. So, we took him off the bank account, and now my name is still on there, just waiting for more money to be taken out.

My bank finally sent me a copy of the Writ of Garnishment. The total debt owed is $1000, they took out a non-periodic of $400. What does this non-periodic mean? Does this mean that this is a one time thing, or will they grab more money until it reaches $1000? I called the court and they served my dad - he signed for it, and then sent it: return to sender, does not live here. I spoke to the court and they said I could come down and file an objection and then I will get a court date - I don't even know how to handle that!

Please help - if this is all the money they are going to take then I can just leave this alone, but the court lady said they might take more now that they know I have a bank account.

Is this "Vacate" worthy for the judgment?

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