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How Reliable is the Information from truecredit.com?

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I ordered 3 credit reports (plus all 3 scores) from truecredit.com in late November. I also signed up for credit monitoring every month with them so I can keep track with doing stuff to my credit.

I want to know how reliable the info from True Credit is and should I keep using it or should I cancel it? I am mainly using it for a guide so I can dispute what is on my credit. The scores, however, I do like seeing.

Can anyone give me more information?

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There is usually a lag between the real CRA's and services like Truecredit. The Truecredit scores are also based on their own private scoring system. IOW, they're FAKOs, not FICOs.

I use truecredit to pull my reports every day to help with bumping those hard inquiries. It also gives me a snapshot of what my credit more or less looks like. If I see something I don't like, I'll go straight to the source.

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