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AAC has resurfaced on my CR


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11/04/05 Pulled my CR from TrueCredit

11/10/05 Disputed AAC TL with 3 CRA's

Result: Specific AAC TL removed from my CR.

Almost daily pulls up to and including 12/27/05 - all as expected.

12/28/05 Pulled my CR from TrueCredit - AAC TL from above is back on CR (EQ) with $0 bal

I have not received notice from the CRA that the TL is back.

If I understand the law correctly, I am to be notified within 5 days of any re-appearance of a previously removed TL. Is the 5 days 'calendar days' or 'business days'?

The CRA has my current address as shown on my letters to them.

I think I cleary have a potential violation here:

CRA not notifying me of re-appearance of previously removed TL.

Unfortunately I did not DV the CA at all... yet. hmm...

Anyone else have this same experience? If so, how did you handle it? A few thousand dollars would be nice but if I don't have to sue I would rather the negative TL just go away and stay away.

Or anyone with legal expertise and experience with this, any advice would be great.

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TransUnion doesn't seem to think they have to notify consumers on a reinsert. I had a problem with them on this subject 18 months ago. The phone monkey flatly told me that they do not control what is reported by the furnishers and the furnisher can re-add an item any time they like, TU doesn't question it.

After going rounds with them and firing off a few letters to their legal department to remind them that the FCRA requires them to maintain procedures to prevent reinsertion of previously deleted tradelines unless

1) consumer is given notice in writing within 5 days, and

2) the furnisher must provide specific certification that the information is accurate

they eventually removed it again after not being able to produce the required certification. It was a 4 month fight, though.

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