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hi am new here and i am kind of confused about something a couple of years ago i wrote a check for a large amount for a down payment on a car the check came back insufficient funds twice i took my car in for service and when i did the car dealer kept my plates until i made another partial paymenton the down payment after a while the company that they were using for there check system was taking small amounts frequently out of my old account unauthorized and was causing me to write a lot of bad checks finally i closed the account and got a new one. The company was Nationwide check. Which just so happen to have the same name as the car dealer. I'm in the military so i have moved a lot since then they said they couldn't contact me no duh. Now a new company is saying that i owe money to them or they will sue and posssible jail time. My questions are :

-shouldn't the money they took count for something

-shouldn't they have informed me of a change in company

-should they be reporting 2 different amounts on my report

-should they havbe given me more time the letter was sent on DEC 16th i got it Dec 28th and i had to respond by Dec 30th

I can't remember if i left anything out but any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for all the help you guys and this site has provided

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Hi navymarvin,

First off the money you paid does count for something. You problably owe something but you need to find out what their documentation says.

Second, you should be protected by the Sailor and Serviceman's relief act of 1940 right now because we are at war.

Third, there is a Navy Service Department that will help you with this problem, (I was USAF Officer so I don't know the correct name of the Navy's adovcacy department.) Worst case go find a Shore Patrol Officer and they will know where you point you for legal help.

If you cannot get help or you don't like the answers you are getting, come back here and look up the DV process. (The Debt Validation link is at the top of the page.)

Good luck.

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