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Best way to get utility companies off reports?


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History: Back in Aug of 03, my wife and I separated. She stayed in the house, but all the utilities were in my name. I stupidly did not have them transferred to her name. Once the divorce was final 18 months later (don’t ask), she moved out of the house and to another state. She also neglected to pay two bills , the phone/cable/internet for $207, and trash ($91). The forwarding address was to her new address, so I had no idea that neither of these were unpaid (yes I should have checked).

Both have since been placed with a collection agency and just showed up as unpaid collections on my reports. I have never received any notices from anyone otherwise they would have been taken care of before it reached this point.

I have no doubt that they are legit and I have the money to pay them. My question is: What is the best course of action to get these totally removed from my credit reports? Do I just call the CA and try to settle or send them a letter requesting a pay for delete?

Thanks everyone and have a great new year.

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