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Hit Stone Wall

Northern Lights

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Anyone who can lend any further advice or assistance to help me removed this account from Experian and Equifax would greatly be appreciated. I removed it from transunion but I am hitting a stone wall with these other two bureaus. Anyone see something im missing to resend in my dispute. Thanks in Advance


Account Number: Not on record

Account Type: Revolving

Account Limit: 250.00

Payment Terms 22.00

Openeded: November 1999

DOLA: Jan 2000

Description: Account transferred or sold

Last Report: July 2004


Recent payment history: 30 days late-1 60 days late-1 90 days late-2

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I never tried MOV letter...I didn't think it would work, but at this point i'll try anything.

I know i paid this prior to collection but its been so long i have no proof. I disputed it was not mine twice, with each one coming back with something added like pays as agreed and then 0 balance.

Is there something else in the listing I should dispute?

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On my fico scores this account is listed in the negative section, so I really need to get it removed. Plus the saying being transferred or sold dosen't help either.

The whole reason im looking to get my last two negatives removed is for two reasons: Im going for a construction loan in the new year, and I want a clean report with no negatives.

Thanks in adavance for your assistance.

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