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Settled Installment Loan(stone wall#2)

Northern Lights

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I have two accounts on all three bureaus where I need additional assistance or guidance for removal.

This account is the biggest and anyone who might see something im missing to dispute please let me know. Thanks in advance

Wach/Rec(wachoivia bank)

Account number: 12345xxxxxx

Account Type: Installment

Limit: (blank)

Monthly Payment 0

Opened: June 1999

DOLA: Jan 2002

Description: Paid charge off/settlement accepted on this account

Last Report on September 2005

Balance: 0

Status: Bad debt/collection

Recent payment history

Aug 2005---ok/unknown

Jul 2005----ok/unknown

Jun 2005---ok/unknown

May 2005 Bad debt

4/2005 "

3/2005 "

all the way to 9/2003 and then it states 15 additional 90+ days delinquent

90+ days late-----(36)

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