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When should I start correcting my credit report?


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Hello All,

Today 12/29/05 is the second time I pulled my CR reports from myfico.com since my discharge 8/29/05. My ratings are as follows:

Experian = 512

Equifax = 603

Transunion = 504

I found discrepencies amongst the three agencies. There are varying reportings, some list balances of $0 whereas the same accounts on other reports have balance amounts listed as charge offs. How do I find out the date of the charge off (I can't find the date on the printouts) & if the charge offs were after my BK papers were file ( 4/27/05 ) where and how should I begin my dispute?

I understand this will be a long and arduous task to repair my credit and I am willing to put in the work. I have received so much valuable and helpful advice from this board & I would greatly appreciate any input that anyone is willing to provide.

Thanks in advance!

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If you were discharged in August, now would be a good time to start.

How do I find out the date of the charge off (I can't find the date on the printouts)

If it is being reported as a charge-off, then look at the status date. That SHOULD be the charge-off date. If not, look at the 'date of last activity' - which should be the last time a payment was made. Starting the following month is when it would be delinquent, 5 months more is the max time to charge-off (180) days. You could also call the CRA's and ask them for the date of first delinquency.. then add 180 days. Some creditors will charge-off before 180 days though.

ANY negatives reported AFTER the date of your BK filing is a violation of the permanent injunction of your discharge.

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Thank you so much Lady for the info. You have been a great help with all my inquiries.

I have my reports from myfico.com & printed out free reports from annualcreditreport.com. At a glance I have already noticed a few discrepencies. I also registered for optout so that I do not get any inquiries on my report from credit card companies.

Do you know of a decent credit card that I can apply for to begin rebuilding my credit? I would like to have one in about 3 months. I am researching which ones I would qualify for. I've read some horror stories for some cards I thought would be good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As always, Thanks.

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Hello Again

As stated, I am in the process of rebuilding. I’m not sure if I should continue to post my questions to this board or to the Credit Rebuild board, please let me know if I’m in the right place. Anyway, post discharge, 8/29/05, I’ve started reviewing my Equifax report (12/30/05) since it was the “best” of the three with a FICO 603. Here is a summary for my question:

According to Equifax, there are two Macy’s accts listed:

1) a/c# 422290936XXXX = IIB / Date opened: 11/97

2) a/c# 410042979XXXX = 120+ Days Past Due / Date opened: 11/97

The first acct is unknown to me & after checking my credit card (I still have all my credit cards) I realized this error. The second account is the number on my card & in my original papers to my attorney but is not listed in BK on my credit report.

This incident is similar to my Citibank Visa listing. Although my report does not list two accounts, it lists the wrong account number. I noticed this during my initial review of my papers and I bought this to the attention of my attorney during our meetings & we both thought this issue was rectified prior to discharge. The Citibank Visa acct listed on my credit report is 542418103732XXXX for a MasterCard for which I never had. My account is 41280037369XXXX, which was a Visa.

This only goes to show how important it is to check your reports on a regular basis. My quandary, my actual accounts have not been IIB how do I dispute these without having my original accounts put on (Citi Visa) or continue to age (Macys acct) on my credit reports? I would contact my attorney but post filing and discharge, it is going to cost $250/hr to handle any disputes.

Thanks for any information you can provide regarding this issue. Also, are there any good books on rebuilding?

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