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Hey, my wife just applied for Target Visa with scores of TU-628/EX-552/EQ-551 and it says to check back to look at the status. When can she check back, if you can only do it once?

She also just applied for an Orchard, and approved $750 credit, no processing fee.

Now, I also applied for Target, but just store card. Said I would receive a letter in 2 weeks. Also applied for Orchard and had to pay $19 processing fee and said to check the status. (Lucky Wife). My scores are TU-531/EX-514/EQ-526.

Anything else we can try for or what would anyone else recommend.

Also, would like to know more about Patelco Credit Union. What kind of scores do you have to have for purchasing a new car with a trade in or just refinancing the trade in? Also, if I wanted to consolidate all of our credit cards, would they do that with our scores?

Some feedback, please...

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I just applied online at target.com. I tried for the target visa, and they said if I dont qualify for that one they will try the target store card.

I qualified for the store card only but the news was instant. I even called to confirm and the rep said yes you were approved.

Hope this helps.

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