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I live in Texas and last summer I found out there was a judgment

against me from Citibank listed on my CR.

I checked court records and it appears they sent the papers to a

previous address... not a recent one, either...

I know the law firm that handles collections for Citibank in Houston

"Regent & Associates" wins lots of default judgments and I seriously

doubt everybody else is a no show.

Are the judges in on this scam? I mean, hello? are they really serving

all defendants as required by law? An ounce of common sense would

raise a red flag, even if judges don't have time to go through every

service process. This law firm has way too many default judgments.

I guess from what I read on other posts, this is grounds for vacating

the judgment. But what I'd really like to do is file an ethics complaint

against the lawyer... maybe even have her disbarred along with her



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It won't happen. Judges are.... you guessed it, Lawyers. When they are done being Judges, they become Lawyers again and the lawyers they see in court now become judges. It is a big good ole boy network.

Wanna get an education? Pick a court and sit in in for a couple of hours. The judges and lawyers all know each other.

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