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Name & Birth Year Wrong On EX


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I have just found this place and love it already. I am just beginning my journey of rebuilding my credit (actually just trying to get a decent score instead of this hole I started in). I have two questions that I cannot find the answer here. First- My last name is spelt incorrectly on my EX report(only one I have, but will be spending the money to get all 3 after coming here) and my birth year is wrong as well. What should I do and is there any luck of these mistakes helping me?

Second- I was going to just go through my report and just start paying them all off as I could, but now that I stumbled across this board- I have an unpaid hospital bill that is on my report and it was suppose to be taken care of by my past employer because I was injuried on the job and an ambulance took me from there. Any way that this could be an easy one to get removed?

Thank you all-


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I dont know about the second question you have but as far as the first..

All 3 Credit Bureaus at one time or another had my name spelled wrong, my date of birth wrong and one even had my social security number wrong or my Driver's License, cant remember which.

Make a copy of your Social Security Card and your Driver's License along with a letter to them stating that you need it fix pronto so you can avoid being associated with somene else and the fact that it is inaccurate.

Also,yes it can help you. I started out on this board in like June 05 with a about a 630 FICO and about 4 negatives. Now I have zero negatives, and my Equifax Score, since it is the only Bureau that uses the FICO equation is a 763 as of 2 weeks ago. Anyway, when I was doing "Not Mine" disputes, I reminded them that they had gotten my SS#, DL#, Name and DOB wrong in the past so this could be another example of them putting wrong info on my report. I just used it as another weapon against them.

- Mike G.

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