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Incomplete I think.....

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Got 2 letters from CA. DV'd and here was the response:

They did have a printout of the account, which ended with:

"Total of sub-charges: $14,435.45"

Then, at the bottom of the page it reads: "Pay this amount: $0.00".

Then, someone HANDWROTE near the bottom: "Balance due: $875"

I could handwrite anything........? Waddaya think?

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Is it wrong for me to add:

"You need to know that I have pursued Collection Agencies such as yourselves in the U.S. Federal Court in Ft. Worth, Texas and settled out of court for more than twice what the agency claimed that I owed. I will not hesitate to do the same with this situation if this is not resolved within the next 30 days"

Or something like that?

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After carefully looking at this again, I noticed that the CA clerk signed her name to the cover letter of their attempt to validate. Her handwriting is on the bottom of the last page of the printout saying: "Balance due: $875"

I could write any amount on any of your statements and send it to you as "legit". This is BS.

I don't know how much my insurance paid on this, and I don't remember how much I paid. This debt could be paid, and I wouldn't know the difference....

I just think the CA writing the balance due in their handwriting on the bottom of a typed statement is not proper validation.

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