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spouse cr for the pro's..


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ok. now that the new year is here i guess i will start my credit repair again. i did awesome last year when i statred. but then i found off topic and never looked back.. :D

anyway...most of the stuff on my report is also on stbxdh. so, if i were to get something removed from my report, should it also be taken off of his? like if they send a letter stating that it will be deleted, can that same letter be used to get it deleted off of his?

not sure if i even care to help him at this point. but if i do, then i was wondering if i had to treat each item like it was new.



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Spouse's credit stuff is a bit tricky but also straightforward.

It boils down to that your credit report is NOT combined with your spouses, regardless what collectors say, etc. The only thing that matters is if you are "responsible" for a credit item; that is if you signed a contract.

The moment you are a joint member to an account, you are responsible for it regardless of what happens. Authorized users are different stories.

But anything that is joint, you are responsible for.

Anything that is unconnected does not belong to you. There are legal situations but that is not part of the credit report picture.

For instance, the only person on the mortgage to my house is just me. The only thing that my wife is on is the deed which a requirement of Texas law. But that's it.

As far as the credit bureaus are concerned, that is ONLY my debt even though I am in a community property state. Now, there are legal avenues to pursue but that has nothing to do with credit reports because my spouse is not on any contract for this account (that example is only hypothetical).

Do you have lots of stuff that happen to be joint accounts? If so, there are lots of things you can do like close the accounts (mortgages are different in that regard).

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