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Bank has ahold on my account


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They put a hold on my bank account.

Hello I have recently been trying to repair my credit with tips I’ve found on the internet and forums like these. Most if not all of my debts are over 7 years old, I was successful in removing most of the items on it. But last month I received a notice that an item I had deleted was filed for again and now the bank has a hold on my account until the issue is resolved.

My questions are:

1) How do I get them to take the hold off my account?

2) How can I get them to take the judgement off of my credit?

3) I thought after a certain amount of years negative items had to be removed rom your credit?

4) Do I just pay these people this money on a debt I don’t think that I owe? And is that the only time the hold on my account will be removed?

By the way it’s a medical bill.

Please move/delete if it is the wrong forum thank you.

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