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Child Support and Experian getting on my nerves!


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Well there goes a match made in heaven, Experian and the State of Florida Department of Revenue.

I lost my job at one time and accumulated a higher balance, but I am presently working and paying the system. Child Support keeps verifying the negative tradeline further stating that my recent payment is "$0".

Experian won't look at any substantiation that I provide them e.g. accounting from the Department of Revenue, cancelled checks, printouts from the DOR website etc.

They just verify and that is it!

They have even ignored my ITS letter.

I am fed up! Yes I owe arrearages, but I am presently paying the court ordered child support + some of the arrearages each month.

I am worried that the DOR will just populate my EQ and TU credit reports just for complaining.

The State says its the county doing this. They claim that there is no one that I can call and that I must write.

Any ideas on what to do?

I think it woud be easier to sue Experian, but not entirely sure on what grounds.

I have contacted one of the State of Florida senators and complained.

This is how the tradeline reads:


Open/Past due 180 days. $4,927 past due as of Dec 2005.

Date Opened:




Credit Limit:


Date of Status:

11/2005 Terms:

1 Months High Balance:


Reported Since:

03/2005 Monthly Payment:

$0 Recent Balance:


Last Reported Date:

12/2005 Responsibility:

Individual Recent Payment:


Your Statement:


Account History:

Collection as of May 2005 to Sep 2005, Mar 2005

180 days as of Dec 2005, Nov 2005, Apr 2005

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You're in a whole new nightmare, dealing with Child Support Enforcement. Apart from dealing with another arm of heavily supported government bureaucracy, child support debts and TL's are just like any other defaulted account. The entire arrearage is due in full. The TL will not likely be reported the way you wish until the account is completely current. Good news is that you may be able to have the entire TL removed once you do catch up. Child Support sometimes appears as a TL instead of a judgment. I have seen them get removed completely, but only after all the $ is paid.

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