DAMN IT !!! Just when it was going good.....

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OK , Its been a bit since I have been here , I have been working at repairing our credit . All was going well and all the baddies but one were off dh's report.

Well I just checked his report ( haven't checked his in a a while ) and two new collections had been added. Well actually I think its the same account just slightly changed to be listed twice. They are from the same NCO collection agency and the account numbers are only one number different and the amounts only a couple dollars different for each one.

We never received anything from them in writing or by phone etc. Nothing. I would have not even known it was on the report if I had not been checking it!

They are listed as reported 2000 , and we have no idea what they are for . They are listed from an emergency physcian/hospital . We don't live anywhere near it , and im pretty sure its not his. I don't remember ever going there.

So do I dv the Collection agency or try to call the OC ( hospital ) to see what this is ? What is my next step ?

Thank you

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THanks. It just really sucks that they can just put things on the report without atleast sending you something. I mean had we been applying for a mortgage that would have been awful to find out that way ! Also since the SOL is up in my state should I just write and tell them to kiss off and take it off my report or still dv them ?

Thanks again.

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