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Non Permissable Purpose - What are my options??

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My DW and I recently purchased a new vehicle. Financing was obtained through our local CU, and preapproved. After searching a few dealerships we contacted the fleet agent through my DW's work, who got us the best deal on the car we wanted. We told him we had already obtained financing, so we needed to do was come in and sign the paperwork to complete the transaction. That afternoon I pulled my CR's again, and there were 7 new inquiries on my Experian report!! Apparently the fleet dealer had "shopped" our loan around, even though we specifically told him we already had approved financing. It is important to note that we NEVER signed anything giving the fleet dealer permission to do this, either before or after completing the sale. What are the potential avenues I can pursue here??? I would really like to file suit for non-permissable pulls, since this guy completely disregarded our request. Also, can I go after each company who pulled my report, or just the dealer who initiated the pulls? THanks in advance for any help.

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Don't know about all the law suit stuff but...

You can have the inquiries removed. I would just start with disputing these with the CRA's. That should get the ball rolling. As for the lawsuits...perhaps that would be better addressed in the lawyer forum.

Good luck

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umm NO!@!!!!!

This is what my husband sued a car dealer on and we got a NICE 4500 check for our trouble.

They violated the law plain and simple.

You had already obtained financing.

This is going to take a hit on your credit score as well as they invaded your privacy.

Start looking for a consumer law attorney who works on contigency... this is a good solid case.

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