RE- AGING a old charge off.....

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A while back I posted about an old credit card account that I had settled with Value city furn. for less than full balance.

After many disputes and calls etc. I finally had decided to give it a rest and take it to task at a later date so I didn't get the old "already investigated" line.

Well they then moved it to the positive side of my report , but it still said settled for less ?? confussed the heck outta me , but I was told this was ok , it still had a positive inpact on my score because it was no longer on the negative side. But now when I looked at my credit report it says.....

Charged off as of July 2005 ! thats when I disputed it not when it was charged off . I settled this in 2000 or 2001. It use to say 180 days as of Feb 2001 and that was it for years . Now it says chargeoff in july 2005 !!

Is that re-aging and what do I do. Do I dispute with the cra's that the date is wrong it was not CO then ?

Thanks !

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Just wanted to add , I went back over old reports and the last one said Charge off as of August 2001. I have proof ( refinanced and paid all creditors off so I have reciepts for them all ) that I paid them in May 2001 .

So they first had another date listed as CO date then it went to august 01 which is three months after I paid them its listed as July2005 for the charge off date. When I know thats not true !

What do I do here ??


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That is the lovely CRA doing that. They ran it thorugh eOscar and when they got the rsponse back, the CRA updated the credit report with the info provided.

Send copies back to the CRA accusing them of changing the chargeoff date in violation of the law.

The charge-off isn't necessarily a bad thing if it is old. After a while, positive age outweighs the negative paid-charge-off status.

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