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Is AMEX in my future?

Should Flyingifr apply for the Amex Card?  

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After a 3 year credit rebuilding effort, I have finally gotten rid of all but one of my derogs. That one is a CA for a medical bill that I am disputing and will probably end up in Court. Anyway, my FICO's are:

EQ 763

EX 713

TU 677

The CA is on EQ and TU (obviously). The BK is gone.

Amex has turned me down every time I applied over the past 35 years. I have never had any accounts with them. Think I might get approved this time?

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Why not? Over my lifetime (I am in my mid 50's now) Amex has declined me every time. Good Credit, Bad credit, made no difference to them. I could get an approval from everyone else in the world, but them. I figure I have at least 12 declinations from them over 30 years.

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