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So I sent Nationwide a DV letter on the 21st of Dec and they received it on the 23rd. I got the green card back about 5 days later. The Nationwide rep that was calling was the one that signed the green card and he is still calling me every day even though the letter states to only make contact via USPS.

My Wife answered the phone a few days ago and the rep told her that if I don't pay that day that they will sue. My Wife wouldn't put me on the phone with the rep so he was getting angry and then told my Wife that I have 5 days to make the payment. He asked my Wife "Well you pay the taxes with your Husband don't you?". At wich point she told him that's none of his business and he replied "you're right..have a nice day" and hung up.

It seems like Nationwide will not be able to validate since they are calling everyday and threatening even though they received the DV letter. I was wondering, is it a violation each time they call, or just the fact that they are still calling just considered only one violation?

Do I send them another letter now telling them to refer to my original letter that says not to contact me by phone anymore and again demand them to stop calling?

Also, this is a newly charged off Amex account, will I have any success in getting the CRA's to remove the TL when I send them a letter to investigate?

I really feel like telling Nationwide to "go ahead and sue" and that I have them on multiple violations. Has anyone ever done that and still made a CA pay them? 8) 8-)

Any help would be appreciated! :D

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I'm not sure this will help you but I called Amex yesterday for an account that was charged off. I called the contact # on my credit report. I was told by Amex they wouldn't provide anything in writing but that account was not charged off it was sent to collections. Amex still owned the account they just hired nationwide for the collection. The reason I mention this is because you can perhaps tell Amex about Nationwide etc.I'm guessing someone else will know how to better approach this.

I paid Nationwide (before I found this board-actually my motivation for getting my credit fixed) they do not appear on report just Amex.

Also Amex will list date of last activity as the first time you were ever late in my case I was late in 2000 became current and in 2004 went into collections. In my case it will drop off in 2007 which really helps.

Good Luck

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