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Help fighting fraudulent Discover charges


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In 2003 a guest of a family member used my Discover number and ordered some stuff. When I realized it I contacted Discover. We went over the bills and I paid the valid ones. Unfortunately all that occurred over the phone as I had to chase them to get them to do anything at all. Although I do have a dispute letter I sent saying that many of the charges were fraud. I was a long list so we went over it on the phone. They told me their fraud department would take care of the fraud charges. In 2004 I heard where the woman was living, I called Discover but they were not doing anything so I filed a police report.

In 2005 I saw a Discover as a chargeoff. I disputed it. Well apparently they had just opened a new acct, transferred the fraud charges to it, closed the account the same day and charged it off. They refuse to remove it and now want to settle for 50%.

I do not want to pay. I paid the $4000 plus that was mine and I do not want to shoulder anyone elses.

I plan to contact the police and get a copy of the report as all they gave me when I filed was the numer. What can I do to fight this? Should I send the Credit reporting agency a copy of the police report and a letter explaining that it was fraud and Discover was alerted to it in 2003?

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It's good that you filed a police report. Once you get a copy of it call Discovers fraud department and ask them what are the procedures to file a ID theft affidavit. The standard one is here:


What happened to the original account? Did you close it with a balance on it?

They can't just open a new account in your name. That's called bank fraud or credit card fraud.

I would white them a letter stating that you want them to contact the CRA's and have the account deleted due to the charges being the result of identity theft. Along with that send them the ID theft affidavit.

Where the fraudulent charges done in person of over the Internet, or by phone or mail. If the transactions were in person then the signatures would not match.

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1. Obtain copy of the police report make 4 copies.

2. Complete the ID Theft Affidavit make 4 noterized copies.

3. Obtain address for Discover Fraud department and mail them one copy of the police report and ID Theft Affidavit. Include letter explaining your situation and if you have any documented proof then send copies of them to the creditor.

4. Obtain fraud addresses for Experian Equfax and Transunion, send them copies of the police report, and affidavit, include a letter explaining which accounts are fraudulant and that it needs to be removed off of the credit report.

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