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How does a student loan in deferment effect your score?


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It hurts a lot of things especially when you are not paying it off.

Even though it is in good standing, carrying an extra 25k of debt on top of whatever debt you currently have. When that is plugged into your debt to income ratio, it is going to suck big green donkey [EXPLETIVE DELETED]!

With high debt ratios, you will be turned down for better financing (unless that is the only current debt that you have).

Right now I have just under 20k of student loan debt but NONE of it shows up on my credit report. Even when the two houses I bought, that was never a factor because it just doesn't show up there.

You might want to try to get it removed from your credit report.

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How did you manage to remove a student loan from your credit report?

This is a federal loan.

Mine always come back verified.

So is mine... In fact, one of them was taken over by the Department of Education when it went it default years ago. But it just takes the same kind of work for removing negative stuff on your credit report.

The moment your loan comes off, it will greatly improve your debt ratio...

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