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After A Judgement and Seize Property


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The Company in question was granted a Judgement and some court officers came to my home and seized some property.

The Company used my husband to file against for he signed a contract for a company that went out of business.

He DID sign VP Of Operations though.

Is this legal for the courts to seize property on a person when it was the company?

We wer told to file a Stay OF Execution.

Does any one out there have any info on a situation of this sort. I can get more specific if so.

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There was a contract that was signed with a name and title VP Of Operations.

It was for Advertising.

The judgement was against the company that went out of business which was a DBA.

So Mr. Attorney went after the signee as personal.

It is a very large amount.

Can they go after a person even though it was for a business and he signed VP OF OPERATIONS?

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The title someone signs doesn't mean much. If your DH signed to be personally liable for the company's debts, then yes, the judgment creditor can execute against him personally.

What KIND of company structure was it ? Was it Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp or otherwise incorporated ??

The only way he'd be protected from personal liability is if the company was properly incorporated.

You should be able to claim exemptions from the judgment so you need to do that ASAP before the property is sold at auction.

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