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I am just starting out on fixing my credit. I had pulled my credit report and started looking for errors in it immediately and found that there were two collections from my dentist from 2003 (one was paid in 2003, the other was outstanding) for small amounts ($34 and $28, respectively). I paid the $28 outstanding and asked that they have the collections deleted. This is a small business and they want to help me clear this as I have been going there since I was 6. They tried to get the collection taken off of the credit reports but when they called them, they were told they are only able to post it as paid, not delete it. She is not sure what else she needs to do. This is the bookkeeper and she is not the brightest.

She tells me that if there is something else she can do about it to let her know. It may be a stupid question, but what does she have to tell them to get it deleted?

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