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summons- proper response

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The summons (mentioned below in the origial contact) was addressed to a name I do not use- FIrst name (never used) maiden initial, married last name. Since my marriage in the 60's, I have used first name, middle name (always used) and married name even after the divorce. With the summons came a page of info that indicates that GE Money Bank is the provider creditor and Sam's is the retailer and is suing for$962.25 principal, $0 interest and $70. which is listed as a charge off amount. Last sale date indicates 10/18/02 with an assigned date of 5/31/05. The attorney Denise D Arnold states that numerous statements were sent and cl never objected to said statements of account not have the statements been returned. I do not open mail that does not have my name that I use on it nor anything less than first class postage.

The question I have now is how do I respond to the summons on the Magistrate Court form that has to be returned to the courts within the 30 days? The one I am checking is I deny the claim as follows:--------------.

Do I ask for copies of the signed receits? What do I do?


12/17/05 I found a small business card tucked so far into the garage door panel break that all that showed was a small strip of orange paper. The deputy had come by 12/13/05. I called his number in response to contact him about a civil matter. They had already tried to deliver the papers 5-6 times per him and that the papers had been sent back to the court and told me to call there. The clerk had to go look for the papers and said that it looked like I was being sued by a credit card company- GE Money Bank. What is the procedure for picking up the papers? Or do I pick them up?

I was forced into early retirment 3 years ago and was unemployed for almost 2. My gross income from my current job is $23,600 plus the small pension and 4 nights a month at Target from anywhere from $98 to $143 a month (net income is about $1687 monthly and monthly expenses are $2853 not including credit cards owed). I do owe credit cards ( 6) with the largest amount about $2200 and that because of all the interest and late payments that have accrued. I did pay on them as long as I could and then called the companies to tell them that I was no longer able to pay. There is also a defaulted student loan that I was encouraged to sign by the school although my son was 25 and I had not used him as a dependant on my taxes since he was 18. I had signed several defferments and was told that I could not get another one. That loan had been paid down to $12,000 but has since climbed back to over $15,000. After doing calculations on www.bcande.com/servlet/Means I discovered that I was eligible for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was advised by an attorney in 1990 to declare bankruptcy because of a house fire because the insurance company was not settling with the mortgage company and he filed chapter 13. I do not want to lose the house as I have no where else to go and this is my only base for retirement - I am 60.

Address is in Gwinnett County, Georgia (Lawrenceville)

I have never heard of this company and have no clue what it is. It has been well over 2 years that I have paid on any credit card. I did not contest the validity of the charges because I have not received anything from GE Money Bank.



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