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Property surrendered in bk after divorce


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How do I get the mortgage company to stop reporting a mortgage on my credit report that I surrendered in bk? Is it possible?

I divorced in 1998. I bought my own home shortly after the divorce. I was also a co-owner of a home with my ex-husband. I filed Ch13 in 2001 and surrendered the property that I owned with my ex-husband. The bk was discharged in 2004.

In the final divorce decree, my ex-husband was ordered to refi the home into his own name. He never did that and he wrote me a letter saying that he is unable to get a refi-loan. My ex says that he has applied with several different companies and has been turned down by all of them. He has several 30-day late payments from 1998 to 2000 and an unstable job history. :roll:

I would like to refinance my house this summer, but still have the home that I owned with my ex reporting on my credit report. It does not say IIB. Should I dispute it as IIB? I reaffirmed my own home and have an excellent payment history on my own mortgage.

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