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Seeking advice

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If a CA tried to file suit against you and then dismissed it due to the violations committed by them. Would most of you file a suit against them on the grounds of these violations as well as to protect others?

Would you also demand that any negative items they have reported to the CB's be removed?

Or should I just be happy that they dropped the suit??

I know what I want to do. I would just like some feedback from you all who are also in the trenches trying to fight the good fight.

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Guest sifxpert

i say take as much as you can from the dirty bastards!!! they would to you if they could...hey, they tried and were dirty about right? kick em' back in the balls if you have the time and energy to spend...i get fired up when i see an opportunity but sometimes i'm also greatful i got what i wanted....depends on my mood i guess.

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