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Olonoff, Asen & Serebro, NY


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Wanted to post a warning about this firm. They engage in what might be considered extortion. They take a low dollar debt (under $200) and send demand letters to everyone with the same name as the debtor within a certain mileage range of the last address they had for the debtor. The letters imply legal action and adverse credit reporting if payment is not made. They ignore letters and the attorney who signs the letter will only speak to another attorney, and that is only after the attorney sends a letter of representation. For most attorneys, after a few letters and phone calls, you might end up spending a few hundred. Makes that lower dollar debt seem not so bad. No telling how many people pay these things just because it is the cheaper option. This exact situation happened to my uncle. He is 64 y.o. and the alleged "debt" was a fine levied by Six Flags for trying to climb a wall and enter the park without paying. The guy who did this was 18. At this point, they attorney I work for has not been able to get anyone to speak with him either. This firm needs to be sued in the work way. A nice class action lawsuit and disbarrment of the attorneys involved seems like the best thing that could happen. :!:

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