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Paid in Full... Or Not? (Long)

Guest glock232

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Guest glock232

I was initially contacted by Allied Interstate in late November regarding a debt to Amex for roughly 3K. I informed them that I had already paid the debt in full to Amex (I have proof) and it was no longer owed. I was then threatened that if I did not pay them that day 11/30 they would report the collection to the credit bureau. My credit isn't great, but anytime I can avoid another black mark I try...

I reluctantly paid them via a check over the phone for the same date and placed a stop payment to Amex. A week went by and on Dec 8 I was again contacted by the same AI rep that they were having problems with their check system and would it be possible to send a cashier's check. I complied and FedEx'd the check on Monday Dec. 10 and she promised to send me a paid in full letter which I never received.

On Jan 3 I was again contacted by AI stating that the debt was not paid in full as there was additional interest that had accrued on the debt for a total of 165.00. This additional interest must have accrued the week of Dec. 5 or 12 a full week after I had already given AI permission to issue a check for payment in full and was promised a paid in full letter. This additional interest had only accrued because of AI's failure to quickly process my payment. I was informed by AI that if this additional payment was not made they would garnish my wages as soon as employment was verified and I would owe 2500.00 (this made me laugh)

I was also told that they had spoken to my "wife or girlfriend" and I agreed to pay this amount. I have neither a wife nor girlfriend to make that statement and if they did talk to anyone that would be third party notification (wouldn't it?). She then told me that the reason they had to have me send a cashier's check was because they couldn't verify the funds in my account. The new CA also stated that it was my fault and the money was probably not in the bank, which is false and I can prove that through bank statements.

Now for my question... Should I just pay the 165 and go on with my life? The only reason it is owed is beacuse they failed to process my payment in a timely manner. Do I have any recourse for this or am I stuck paying?

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