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Cease and Desist


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I have a family member who is being called by a CA. Everytime they call they say were not here (Becasue we live there, but it's not our phone). We tell them to say we don't live here but they never do (I have no idea why).

I don't want to ask them to send a C&D, nor do I feel comfortable asking them if I can send one in there name, so can I send one saying that I don't live at the location they are trying to contact me at, and to Cease and Desist?

It sucks getting postits with the people who called there phone for us.

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Dont do a full C&D because then they only way they can contact

you is through legal action.

With every letter I send to a CA I send it CMRRR and include the

following statement in bold letters. Its considered a partial C&D.

"Bastige Collection agency may never contact me by telephone

at any time or place"

There are some sample letters that make this sound much more

professional... but the above statement has always worked for me.

If they did call after receiving the letter I think it would be a $1,000

violation for each call, hopefully one of the experts here can verify this.



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Have you received anything in writing from the CA? If so, send them a DV letter (CMRRR of course) and include a sentence that says all further contact should be by letter. Of course you'll have to rent a PO Box or something.

If not, are they listed on your credit reports? Then send them a "I found you on my CRs...I don't owe you any money..." kind of DV again saying only contact me in writing.

If neither of those is true, you can send them a DV letter saying "...one of my relatives told me you're trying to contact me...". If they've told your relative why they're calling, then they've committed an FDCPA violation (...3rd party communication...) and you might want to point that out to them also.

And, for the record, after they receive your DV (or a C&D) for that matter, they are allowed to contact you by phone one more time...to tell you what their intentions are.

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