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A new question!


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Hi Willingtocope,

I have a question:

1. How does an old debt become current again?

2. How can an old debt that is in SOL (in other words the debt is over the SOL in the state and the federal SOL) can become new again to restart CA activities?

Thanks! :D


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The SOL goes from the date of last activity.. so if a payment

is made on a debt I beleive that resets the clock for last activity.

Lots of CA's re-age old accounts by claiming you made a payment on it, or in some cases people actually do make payments on old accounts.



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Not quite true.

The 7yr reporting rule in the FCRA depends upon the DOLA...which can only change if the debt is brought "current"...meaning there are no "past dues". Making a partial payment is not enough to change that.

On the other hand, SOL is a state by state thing. Some states do have laws that say a partial payment can "retoll" the SOL.

Two different things...

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