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Nice surprise from what are usually a bunch of jerks.


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I have a card with Applied Card Bank, formerly Cross Country Bank. I was laid off and have been trying to get back to work in my field. That has taken longer than expected and as a result of having to settle for jobs with less pay and not in my trained field (finally as of September got back into my field in a job making more than I was before). As a result I fell behind and drained my savings. I was three months behind on Cross Country when I went to make a payment to catch up. I explained to them what happenned and they enrolled me in a program which allowed me to make the payment to catch my account completely current and as long as I make my payments on time every month they have gone back and deleted every late payment in my file, making it look as though I have paid on time every month and have never been late.

I don't usually have good things to say about card companied often, but this time I can say that I am grateful to them for the second chance. I have been making payments of $100.00 a month since then and almost have the balance to zero.

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