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Need Advice on what should I do? Newbie


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Hello all, this is my first time posting and just want to say that this is a great site with great infomation, Also, I've ordered the book Good Credit is Sexy and I await it's arrival. I’d like to pose my problem to you and see what case of action should or can I take in my case. First off let me tell you all a little about myself. My wife and I have left our credit go for awhile now and we have now decided to try to get our credit and scores in shape. We want to buy another home sometime around the end of this year 06 or maybe January of 07. We now own a mobile home with land and after Hurricane Katrina we have decided to buy a home. Ok so I’ve gotten all three-credit reports for my wife and myself from the big three and after going over them this is were I stand I have 12 negative accounts of which I can pay-off 6 of them right away for under $700 dollars. (I know, I know, I should have been taking care of these a long time ago) just call me lazy I guess. Also there are 2 more negative’s that’s on my report from me being late on my payments, so I can correct these I guess by just paying my bills on time. (is there a way to get the late charges off my report?) And the other 4 negative’s are really from just two sources, and this is what I really need the help and advice with.

The first one is a Fingerhut account. It is listed on my report from the OC themselves and states that the account has been Charged off/Past due 150 days as of June, 02 Written off $512 past due as off June 02 This account was opened on 10/99 and last reported on 06/02

Then it is listed on my report with Midland Credit Mgmt in San Diego, CA and it states account is: Collection $779 as of Dec/05 Reported since 12/01 date of status 12/01

Then it is listed again on my report with Midland Credit Mgmt in Phoenix, AZ and it states: Creditor cannot locate individual, Date of status 07/05 last reported n/a Creditor cannot locate individual from July 21, 05 to Dec 15, 05

The second account is a Radioshack account and it states: Account Charged off/Past due 180 days, $1,542 written off. $337 past due as of July 04

Date opened: 10/97, Reported Since: 11/97, Date of Status: 04/03, Last Reported: 07/04

From what I've read on this site I think that the Fingerhut account should only be on my record twice, is that correct? :?:

Any thoughts or suggestions will be of great help to me. I haven’t got my FICO scores yet but I will be very soon to track how I do on raising my scores. Thanks to all, Bill

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OK, I've read up on this stuff a lot more and reading the book now. I'm ready to Dispute all the above accounts. Now my question is should I just dispute with the big 3 CRA's first then wait to see what happens then DV any that still exist after 30 days or do you all think I should do the 1-2 punch on the first try. I ask this because I see there's either way to do it. I would just like to get input on this before I began. Thanks

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