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You tell me....win or loss?

crazy in ok

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Well......I went to my pretrial this morning. Needless to say I was just a bit scared. The lawyer for the plaintiff was late. The judge wasn't happy.

I did however get the judge to dismiss the motion for summary judgement. The judge then preceeded to set a trial date and requested that the plaintiff's attorney furnish me with the contract agreement between the orignal creditor and myself. He also asked for him to furnish me with the assignment between them and the creditor. He then preceeded to tell me that it would be in my best interest if I showed up at the trial with a lawyer. I am now looking for a consumer lawyer in the state of oklahoma. I am located in the county of Love. I've decided that if I have to get a lawyer that I am going after the creditor and the assignee for illegal and deceptive practices and for FDCPA and FCRA violations. I guess you can say that i climbed the ant hill and now will take on the Mt. Everest.

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