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dont know if this is the right place to post, but I heard TrueCredit was the best for getting daily reports, so i went ahead and got credit monitor.

Anyways i have my regurlar reports from a few days ago, and there is stuff on True Credit that is WAY DIFFRENT. Than the ones i got actually from the 3 themselves.

So should I bother disputing or what?

And the scores are way diffrent from what I got from myfico. what is the point of True Credit if Myfico. is closer to what the lender will see.

Because from my fico Equifax was the lowest.

From TrueCredit Equifax is the highest and Transunion was the lowest.

I am trying to keep things in-line for the purchase of home within next month or so. Did i just waste 12 bucks?


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I personally use Truecredit for bumpage by daily pulls. After the $30 initial cost, it's $9.95 a month. CIC'ers have reported that it takes up to 6 months to achieve bumpage. I believe PG (with one pull a month) and Myfico.com are more expensive.

Others have said Myfico.com and PG.com are the closest to the actual reports. But any reports that are not from the source have a good chance of having a discrepancy.

Myfico.com has the true FICO scores. Anyplace else carries FAKO.

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