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Phone call at work while in Dispute!

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Just received a phone call at my place of employment from a collection agency. I disputed this account through Experian exactly 7 days prior to the call. I am sure that this is a violation that I read some where. They asked if my name was Brett and if my date of birth was correct before saying anything to me. I comfirmed this, and they went into the "you owe us money how do you plan on paying?" I told them not to call me again, and that this debt is in dispute with Experian and they asked me for experians number and if I was filing bankruptcy or something. I told them they report to experian and they should know the number and I wasn't going to talk any further. Now do I wait for the 30 days to elapse before sending something to them or should I send an intent to sue, but will settle for $1000 now? I am kinda leaning towards waiting for the 30 days to elapse and hope it dissappears, but wouldn't mind sending the threat of suit either. Also, I didn't say anything wrong did I? I didn't comment really on this debt, I just said it doesn't belong to me.


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Disputing with the CRA's is not the same as requesting validation from the CA under the FDCPA.

The FDCPA is what states the CA must cease collection activity until such time they furnish to you proper validation - not the FCRA.

Also, don't assume they're going to hand you money every time they violate the FDCPA - it just doesn't happen that way.

You need to familiarize yourself with the FDCPA - the link is above. You also need to communicate with the CA in writing, not over the phone - unless you're recording the conversation, if it's not written down, it never happened.

You'll also see where you need to tell them you are not allowed to receive such calls at your place of employment.

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