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Yes, they accept you. I'm in PA. They never asked me to join any clubs or cared one bit where I lived.

They issued me a platinum Mastercard with a 1% rebate shortly after my BK7, so that is the card I primarily use. It is my only card that actually pays me. The only drawback is that it is also the only card that I have that I cannot pay online.

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When you apply, you'll be asked an organisation name. Pick "California Association of Americans" .. I wonder sometimes if it isn't a "catch all" group to placate the regulators, because Patelco doesn't check to make sure you're a member they just take your word for it.

I also found one nice benefit to Patelco - they participate in the shared branches program. So if you want to deposit, withdraw, or pay on your credit card just take it into a shared branch. I have a shared branch just down the street from my work, and they are all over the place. Just to test it I paid my Patelco credit card over lunch, by the time I got back to the office the Patelco online showed the payment posted to my credit card account.

How cool is THAT?

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