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Has anyone delt with this company before? My wife and I are pretty deep in and are looking for a way out. we currently are not late on anything but it is just around the corner and I want to get a head start if i can.

I called this place and liked what I heard. I have read many horror stories though and just wondered if anyone here has any eperience with them.



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Thank you for the information. I have read so much information over the past few days it is all a little over whelming.

Can anyone give me a summary of what the CCCS will do different than

the other places?

Thanks again

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without knowing what your debt is or what you will be falling back on. If you have car loans, have you contacted them and asked them for a 1 month deferment. Most will do it and It could give you the heads up you need. maybe you can use that money to pay off a card and start the domino effect. Other loans might do this as well

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The way I understand it, CCCS was actually created by a conglomeration of 4 or 5 major CC companies to offer a "managed repayment solution" for CC debts. Unlike most of the "fix your debt" scam companies, CCCS actually does have agreements with many of the CC companies to allow you to make one payment to them that then gets distributed to your creditors on a pro rated basis. Almost all of the "debt handler" type companies are scams...some just take your money and run...others give you bad advice that winds up ruining your credit...CCCS is just a debt collector that you pay for, rather than the CCs paying for, but they are the least offensive of the herd.

The bad news is...if your CC doesn't belong to their group...your CC might not play along. So instead of 6 or 8 companies coming after you in court, you only have 1. Maybe not such a good deal.

Also, most CCCS offices are locally managed. I've heard that some are not managed very well.

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I have an amex account that was charged off 12/99. I know they have an oasis program offered through collection agencies, but you have to pay the total in 30 days. Has anyone ever had an experience with making payments etc. I really just want to pay this off because it is mine and I would like to be able to have an amex card again in the future. I can not pay it off in full though as the balance is around $4K. Any advice or experience in a similar situation with AMEX.


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First...forget about ever having an AMEX card again. They have a long memory.

Second, if it was charged of in 1999, chances are its been sold to a JDB by now. There is little incentive for you to pay the JDB because it won't help the bad marks AMEX put on your credit reports.

How is this being reported now?

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Thank you for the response.I was suprised that it still seems to be in the hands of AMEX. I know I have had collection agencies contact me in the past about the acct, but nothing for a couple of years. It is reporting on my CR under AMEX. I was able to receive a corporate card under my name which I know some people when blacklisted were unable to do. Anyways, bummer on not ever getting an AMEX again. The dumb things you do when you are young and uneducated about the importance of credit.

On Experian lists like this:



PO BOX 297812


(800) 528-2122

Account Number: XXX

Status: Account charged off. $3,976 written off. $3,976 past due as of Dec 1999.

Date Opened:




Credit Limit:


Date of Status: 12/1999

Terms: 1 Months

High Balance: $3,976

Reported Since: 12/1999

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: $3,976

Last Reported Date: 12/1999

Responsibility: Individual

Recent Payment: $0

Your Statement: NA

Creditor's Statement:

Account closed at credit grantor's request.

Account History:

Charge Off as of Dec 1999

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Forget working with Credit Solutions of America!! Here look...

Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 36 months: 73

Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 49

They are a mess! I would not go with them for a second nor would I work with a CCCS program.

I'm sorry to say it but out of CCCS and Debt Settlement companies there are only a handful that are decent.

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