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Approved for Amex

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Hello everyone....

Wanted to let you all now that I got approved for an Amex. I actually got approved for an amex green card through the mail, but I'm not that crazy. I'm not going to pay a lump sum amount in one month.. I'm poor.. :-) So I decided to check out there website. After navigating through there feature credit cards site I found one that fitted me.. I loved the cash back blue card. I applied and got approved in 30 seconds online... I really couldn'd believe it... My credit isn't all that good...

My credit profile:


citibank charge off with a 3900 balance. but haven't touched it since 2002.


discover late-30

capital one late-60

bank one car loan late -30

I had disputed them all and I only managed to remove capital one...

I guess it didn't bother amex that I had a charge off with unpaid balance in my CR...

For some reason, I was approved for amex blue with a 3700.00 limit...

How you like me now!!!!

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Bloody bastard!!!

I've been trying to get an Amex myself with a clean [sorta] TU credit report and got denied.

No CO's or derogs, just a few late 30's from the late 90's and now all but 1 has fallen off. Though I had a lot in INQ's and I've done *B* to get those ousted...

I might try again in Feb. when Crap1 shows I've hit the two year mark and see what I get...

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Bloody--- Yep... don't know how it happen but it happen.

I disputed all my lates and charge offs. Yesterday, I saw my credit again at myfico and for some reason the charge off is still there but it's not under bad dept. So in other words, amex did an approval in 30 secs so that means they didn't review my report closely. A machine did it for them in 30 secs and since my charge off is not under the bad section they thought i had perfect credit....

Man, it's crazy how they operate. But I got approved...

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